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What do Chinese bristle market need

2016-09-26 14:47:45

Pig hair brush is a labor-intensive industries. But the domestic artificial cost is very high, almost all the related products from imported, so the first thing to consider is inexpensive, has no damage to U.S. companies produce dumping condition.


Report from our correspondent reporter Zhou Zhou reports have so something, arose in the late qing and early republic, more by the United States during world war ii as A kind of strategic goods and materials, can be found in most Chinese families, which at the time this is the Chinese traditional features of soil animal products, pig hair brush. Recently, with the U.S. department of commerce decided to terminate the bristle brush to the pig has been the implementation of anti-dumping duties for 24 years, the traditional export commodities in the back.


Baoding is one of the bristle assemble raw materials base in China. Baoding yongtai xing bristle brush manufacturing co., LTD. Sales manager li xin told reporters that the company production of pig hair brush can be directly exported to the United States, no longer by Indonesia transit. Known as "township of the bristle" the reputation of the town of jiangsu province jiangdu Guo Village pig hair brush manufacturers, also gathered the strength, ready to fight again the American market.


Twenty-five years ago, the United States on Chinese goods only sporadic anti-dumping measures. At that time, the United States still put a few big pig hair brush production enterprises, China's pig producing bristle brush with high quality and low price, in the United States like a duck to water. The United States to "protect" domestic production enterprises of pig hair brush, the U.S. department of commerce on March 15, 1985 to paint brush from the People's Republic of China anti-dumping investigation, and product customs code for 9603.40.40.40. That year on December 18, the Commerce Department make the anti-dumping final determination of the case, ruled that Chinese companies involved - the margin of dumping soil livestock import and export companies in China is 127.07%. Then in a long time, the U.S. department of commerce were conducted three times sunset review of the case. It is important to note that this is one of the longest duration of anti-dumping cases in China in the United States.


This year on March 22, Commerce Department made the third time of sunset review final and ruled China of the companies involved in the dumping margins of 351.92%. But on July 30, the Commerce Department and made on chinese-made pig hair brush to terminate anti-dumping duties orders for 24 years. This transition is the main reason of the domestic related industries will no longer continue to tax. "Production of pig hair brush is mainly composed of artificial to complete, is a labor-intensive industries. But the us domestic labor costs is very high, the industry largely disappeared in the United States now. Almost all the related products they need from imported, so the first thing to consider is cheap, no longer exists on its enterprise dumping damage conditions." Li xin said, it is also the paint sprayers trade action coalition and the American association of brush paint sprayers branch to the Commerce Department to change the cause of the review. Then, after 24 years, China's high quality and low price mane brush finally can perfectly justifiable to enter the American market


Big pig hair brush: productivity and no voice


Due to geographical location and traditional advantage, chinese-made bristle is one of the world's best quality. Pig hair brush, however, in the history of China's foreign trade on after a dense, along with the rising of substitute such as nylon brush, as well as the largest export market for U.S. anti-dumping investigation, social status, reduced to low-end brush products, have been unable to come back.


It is reported, before the us anti-dumping duties to cancel, China pig producing bristle brush to export the United States offer only 1 yuan, through the Indonesian mouth is 1.2 yuan. "Profits have made Japanese companies." Hebei a wang bristle buyers told reporters. Japan's imports from China are superior to processed into fine variety of pig hair brush, high export, market is very tight. Domestic enterprises basic reduced to low-end processing factory and raw material export base. China pig producing bristle brush has accounted for more than 75% of the world's supply, as well as rare earth, iron and steel industry, big pig hair brush productivity and no international voice, flagging prices is the norm.


One industry source said the bristles keeps rising in raw material prices higher than ever this year. This spring, the northeast bristle because snow is great affect the drying material, raw material loss is very serious, the price is higher. Combined with bristle industry downturn in 2009, a lot of raw materials, not have the too big movement. "Hype traders trying to push in the first half of the year. In addition, the next three years, will be small businesses on the peak, bristle will face the quality decline of raw materials prices rose sharply, the plight of these factors have broke the bottom line and the benign development of the market." The person said. Moreover, every enterprise and regional differences, have different costs, the price difference is bigger, not outside. A sichuan bristle producer told reporters: "because of lack of information organizing and management, regional producers cannot adjust the price. The raw material After receive is blindly production, can not get accurate information feedback in the industry."


We need to industry association


"We need to build a strong industry association. Baoding yongtai xing bristle brush manufacturing co., LTD., said li xin, sales manager wants to establish a scientific development mode, from raw materials to production and sales, work out a benign operation procedures, the sichuan bristle producers are proposed, the pig hair brush manufacturers should be together, every day to keep information on the network platform interaction, jointly safeguard the pig hair brush the market with a long history.

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