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The bristles and nylon one by one into the hair comb

2017-09-19 09:59:11

Mane comb, is a hairdressing tool. Made of pig soft mane.

So that the hair light flash, free and easy authentic mane mixed comb.

Pig mane hair, nylon hair easy to comb, mane comb comb bristles and nylon in accordance with the optimal proportion of cooperation. Use it to comb not only make the hair shiny and soft, but also to maintain a sense of smoothness. Wooden handle is made of high quality natural wood, very comfortable when used.

A tooth comb made of soft bristles

The bristles are classified according to the coat color, and remove the hairy, tail hair, belly and debris and so on. Will be selected, the classification of mane water with water, after 24 hours of fermentation, so that the meat on the bristles softened. After the fermentation, the mane removed from the water, smashed the meat with wood, it off from the mane, the mane washed with water, with iron comb dander, shredded hair and so on, and then rinse with water , Put on the sieve for drying or drying, dry mane is the hair shop. And then after the flow tick, hand rub, tied to, finishing and other processes.

Can reduce the friction between hair and hair. Moreover, the mane on the comb can not only sweep away the dust, but also help the skin on the scalp to the body, these sebum is the best hair natural hair conditioner and hair products.

The bristles and nylon one by one into the hair comb. Can smooth the hair, gently massage the scalp, speed up the blood circulation. So you have a healthy and beautiful hair.

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